Welcome to Cruxsurf.com! It is finally here, an entire online surf shop devoted to mens surfing clothes and apparel. Here you can buy some of the coolest, most unique, and hard-to-find surfer wear and accessories. Shop safely and securely online for men's t-shirts, tank tops, trunks, hats, and so much more. Our authentic products are not easy to find. You could drive up and down the coast to find all these specialty surf brands. Instead, we created this much needed website so you can buy online.

Nowadays, large chain "surf shops" are taking over the coast and driving out all the little mom and pop shops. These large corporate surf shops carry all the typical mainstream brands like Quiksilver, Billabong, and O'neill. At our shop you can buy the coolest clothes from new surf brands.

Hate crowded malls and stores? Now you can purchase anything you need, whenever you want. Our online store is open 24/7 365 days of the year. This just means you can shop comfortably and whenever you want. Save money, time, and the stress of long lines by buying online. Most items will ship the same business day. That means if you live in the USA it arrives in a few days! All our products ship from sunny Southern California. Our offices are in the beautiful city of Long Beach, CA.

We are a small, family owned and operated company. If you are buying mens surf clothes online, picking up a wetsuit or new leash, let us be your local surf shop!

Support Your Local Surf Shop Or Shop Online?

Being a small mom and pop retailer, we understand that most local shops cannot afford to warehouse and stock all these specialty apparel and clothing. Many times, your local shop will have a few cool pieces of clothing, but it seems they are always out of the size and style you need. Online we carry that same unique selection of clothing, but try very hard to keep adequate stock of the sizes, styles, and colors you want. Looking for old vintage surfer tees? Click here for retro and classic surf shirts. We know most men hate to shop, so we made it easy for you to find what your looking for here at our online surf shop. That means more time to surf, saving on gas, and less time driving to different local surf shops to find these hard to find, underground apparel lines. We are constantly adding new mens apparel like Hippy Tree t-shirts, Hinano Tahiti t-shirts, and Critical Slide Society Boardshorts & Surf Trunks.

Love Supporting Your Mom & Pop Local Surf Shop?

We love supporting our local surf shop too! If you hate the thought of crowded shopping malls, want to save gas, and love to support your local surf shop, this is the place for you! At Crux we are committed to the best underground surf brands not found at department stores and mass distribution channels. So if it's surfing boardshorts your looking for, checking out grassroots and the best surfing clothes, or if you need to buy underground surf t-shirts we are sure you will find it here at our online surf shop.

Need New Surf Equipment?

If your looking to shop for surf equipment to keep you in the water, let cruxsurf.com be your online resource. We take pride in being a "core surf shop" and feel that actions speak louder than words. Many consider themselves a "core" shop by selling clothes and a "lifestyle". Here at Crux we do not just sell surfer wear, we are surfers who actually surf and have a passion for surfing and its culture. So if your looking for Body Glove wetsuits, a surfboard bag, Future fins for your surfboardor FCS fins then we got them! We do not just use surfing to sell an image, we live the lifestyle and want to preserve the culture.

Why Shop Here?

  • Secure 128 Bit SSL Secure Sever Protection
  • Shop Online 24/7 365 days a year.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Hassle Free Returns/Exchanges
  • Fast & Reliable Shipping
  • Excellent Customer Service

The Most Important Reason

Support family owned, mom and pop, and specialty brands. We believe you the surfers, local shapers & laminators, and these surf brand are the crux (most important part) of the surf industry.

Thanks For Reading,
-Mike Sopena

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